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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for today.  As always I feel so much lighter and more grounded.  You are a very wise woman and I am so thankful to have found you.  Your guidance has helped me achieve more than I ever thought was possible 2 months ago...challenges I thought were insurmountable.  Thank you - from the bottom of my heart.

One on One Session Client:  Sophie.B - Melbourne, Vic

We were after a morale booster within the company - a measurable difference.  After amalgamating with another company, staff were finding the transition process challenging, some were even leaving & we wanted to stop that.  We needed to secure our experienced staff.  Contracting Louine's MindSight Hub Team, allowed us to implement Mindfulness strategies across the company over a 6 month period; to really equip, acknowledge and support our Teams & their Managers.  It was the way to move our company more seamlessly into a new phase and create a more secure and directed future.  Her team then attended our Sydney office to implement the same system.  Like most companies, our P & C team didn't have the Mindfulness training we required, nor the time to facilitate it.  Productivity has been boosted by 37% over the last 9 months - that's obviously impacted our bottomline.  We highly recommend investing in Louine's MindSight Hub's expertise, systems and support.

Corporate Workshop Client:  S.Lethlean, Melbourne, Vic, Australia